Understanding Yoga And Pilates

Understanding Yoga And Pilates

You have probably heard the term finding your center or locating your spirit. These are terms commonly associated with Yoga and Pilates. These are exercises that are used with little to no weights if you are not a weight lifter type. Ellen Como fitness and BodEcore of the Santa Clarita Valley will help with the proper form and structure when you are trying these for the first time.

Yoga is often considered a holistic practice, or even a lifestyle, whereas Pilates is a workout. Pilates focuses on benefiting the human body, but yoga has a philosophical, spiritual and physical focus that stems from ancient Indian culture. Yoga is a spiritual path that aims to align you with your optimal self. Besides the benefits of the body, the benefits of clearing the mind and finding peace through meditation. Yoga reduces stress and anxiety, lifts your mood and promotes feeling of well-being.

Pilates is a form of more physical exercised than Yoga. Pilates has been practiced for many years. This partially became relevant when World War I soldier where coming home from war and had to be rehabilitated to adapt after the war had ended. This would help injured soldiers and their immobilization. Pilates can help strengthen the muscles and core of the body to empower a greater strength definition that you are looking for.

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Practicing yoga or Pilates can help improve your flexibility, range of motion, balance and posture. Pilates strengthens and tones muscles without adding bulk, making it an exercise of choice among dancers and athletes. Pilates strengthens the core and back muscles and may help manage back pain if that is an issue that you are going through. Yoga can reduce your heart rate and blood pressure. Yoga can help strengthen your cardiovascular system by helping to reduce both of these issues as it directly will reflect a stronger and healthier heart.

Building strength in both exercises is very important to you and your body. Ellen Como Fitness and BodEcore of the Santa Clarita can help you train your body in the correct way so that you can enjoy the benefits of one or both.

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